Welcome to the Dice Mechanic.

My name is Phil and I’m a gamer. Since discovering role-playing games in the dim and distant 80s, I have read, played and enjoyed dozens of different RPG systems. Much as I love evocative settings and beautiful production, what most excites me are game mechanics, the systems by which we tell our stories, resolve our conflicts and emulate myriad different genres. For years now, I have been sharing my random mutterings on game mechanics and gaming in general with my gaming group – shout out to the Nowtt’doers! – and figured it was about time I gave them a break.

And so the Dice Mechanic was born. Hope you find it interesting. And if you don’t, just think about how my poor gaming group must have been suffering, and be grateful!

Addendum: I should add, I’m also an Excel geek. There are few things that can’t be improved by putting them in Excel, creating a helpful Excel utility or just looking at them whilst embracing an Excel spreadsheet in your loving bosum. So there’ll probably be some Excel things too. Again, feel for my gaming group and be thankful!

Contact me….
Twitter: @thedicemechanic

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